The BEST way to purchase your products is to go on the Autoship program the day you enroll as a Youngevity Customer. Here’s why. First, it is very important for you to use all 90 Essential Nutrients for 90 consecutive days. You will likely begin seeing and feeling results sooner, but it takes time for the body to repair itself after a lifetime of nutritional deficiencies. Autoship is the best way to make sure that you don’t run out of products and interrupt your progress. Secondly, Autoship orders include FREE SHIPPING, which saves you an additional   

8% OFF of the cost of your products. 

Contact us for help setting up your autoship.


What Is Autoship?

Autoship is simply automatic shipment of products. You choose the products you want to order and the approximate day of the month that you want your products to be shipped. (The last day for Autoship orders is the 28th of each month). Your order will automatically be billed to your debit or credit card on the day your products are shipped. 

  • Autoship orders can be changed up until midnight the night before the shipment  date. 
  • Autoship orders must be for a minimum of $99 for free shipping. 
  • Autoship orders can be cancelled at any time.